Danika and Daniel, coming from different parts of the world and different musical backgrounds, combined their anxiety and their names to make Danxious Danny, a pop/indie/electronic duo. They draw ideas from many distinctive genres to create their own authentic sound. Pushing the boundaries as well as the keys of their various instruments and controllers, combined with live looped vocals and visuals, they strive to deliver a novel experience in their performances.

Moving between scales, styles and visualisations the show is a coherent whole that goes from down tempo styles such as chill out, lounge, or world music moving slowly up to danceable styles such as house. Besides making original tunes, they love creating new versions of their favourite songs by adding their own musical mark.

The duo was formed in 2017, when both of them found their new home in Barcelona. Daniel already had a similar project in Argentina and when they got together Danika gave a new sound and identity to this set. This led to a completely new concept for both of them, adding new influences, new beats and much more. For the duo it became the starting point for discovering this project with a personality of its own.


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